Civil Defense CDV 777-2 Radiation Detection Set Geiger Counter
Civil Defense CDV 777-2 Radiation Detection Set Geiger Counter

Civil Defense CDV 777 Radiation Detection Set Survey Meter


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                           CDV-750 DOSIMETER CHARGER
                           2 CDV-742 DOSIMETERS
                           CARRY STRAP FOR SURVEY METER
This is a picture of one of the units. It is a good representation of all. I do believe these were only used to calibrate them. Most were calibrated first in 1973 and as late as 1990. Some may have some slight coloration differences. None have had the batteries left in them. The boxes will be shipped inside of another box.

Electronic versions of radiation detectors will not function correctly if a nuke is set off as an EMP you have to use manual detection devices like the CDV-777. The electronic versions work great for food items or smaller areas but not for large areas. Geiger counters are worthless to buy as they read radiation per 1000 or 10,000 ppm which even maxed out is not harmful to humans or animals. They are for minimal uses but not war time. The ones we sell are radiation survey device which reads dangerous levels per hour and you cannot buy anything legal to set one off unless real event or malfunction of dial. Don’t be fooled by Geiger counters they will not work if an actual bomb event and would peg the needle so you will never know the real danger and be in the dark.


This is not a Geiger Counter, but a gamma-ray detector. It'll be just the thing to use if we ever have a nuclear attack.


Great packing, item appears to be in perfect condition - I am not yet sure if it works, but I am hopeful. l will update here as I learn more.


and it works if your looking for some thing that buzzed or makes some ting to show that it work's no you need to read the meter.


This thing is awesome!


First class equipment. I work in the CBRN field and you canot do better at this price


Works great


Arrived on time, haven't had much Rad to know how well it works (knock on wood) other than that all the parts were there and was in very good condition.


always wanted one of these, works great, looks brand new, toolzoneplus as always rules with these items...easy to find and great prices


Ok having a hard time finding something to measure with you new Meter? Don't worry lots of stuff glows!

Try your Smoke Detector, it has a small ionic source that is radioactive.
Banana's/ Brazil Nuts and more! see - [...]. LOL

The real-world risks of chronic high-level exposure are known to be equally dramatic in the News—but NOTdeadly. But you may be surprised to learn that some of the materials and products sitting around your house could be emitting low levels of radiation.

Case in point: Recently, superstore Bed, Bath & Beyond recalled some chrome tissue holders when they were discovered to contain cobalt-60, a radioactive material that probably made its way into the metal from recycled medical equipment. Though the company stated that there was no threat to anyone's health from the products, news reports claimed that holding the boxes against your body for a day could be equivalent to getting a chest x-ray. And according to the Environmental Protection Agency, there's no radiation exposure that doesn't pose some risk—though the range of that risk is very wide.

Try your antiques glazed dinner and glass wear circ 1972 or earlier. Radioactive Glazes [ from WIKI]

Brilliant red Fiesta (and indeed the red glazes produced by all U.S. potteries of the era) is known for having a detectable amount of uranium oxide in its glaze, which produced the orange-red color. During WWII, the government took control of uranium for development of the atom bomb, and confiscated the company's stocks.[4] Homer Laughlin discontinued Fiesta red in 1944. The company reintroduced Fiesta red in 1959 using depleted uranium (rather than the original natural uranium), after the Atomic Energy Commission relaxed its restrictions on uranium oxide.
Red is not the only color of vintage ceramic glaze that is radioactive; it is detectable from other colors, including ivory.[5] The level of radioactivity of vintage fiestaware has been published and is available online.[5][6]
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns consumers not to use radioactive glazed ceramics for food or drink use.[7] Others recommend against using such pieces for food storage due to the possibility of leaching of uranium or other heavy metals (often present in some colored glazes) into food, especially acidic foods.[citation needed]
On March 16, 2011, the Homer Laughlin Company posted this statement on its website, in response to a Good Morning America broadcast about radioactivity in the home:[8]
Included in the report was a product that has not been sold in the market for nearly 40 years, Antique/Vintage Fiesta dinnerware. The anchor narrating the segment passes a radiation measuring tool over several products including the Antique/Vintage Fiesta plate that was produced nearly 70 years ago. The narrator also stated that it was taken off the market because when people heard about the uranium in the glaze, they did not want to buy the product. In fact, The Homer Laughlin China Company stopped manufacturing all Fiestaware in 1972 because of low sales. The product that was used within the segment has been discontinued and has not available for close to 40 years time. Fiesta today is frequently tested by federally licensed independent laboratories and is lead free, microwave/dishwasher safe, oven proof and made in the USA. . . .
Prior to World War II, it was common practice for manufacturers of ceramic dinnerware to use uranium oxide in color glazes. The Homer Laughlin China Company was no exception, using this material in the original “Fiesta Red” glaze, among others.
In 1943, the U.S. Government stopped all civilian use of uranium oxide because available supplies were needed for the war effort. Homer Laughlin stopped producing the red glaze color at that time and for that reason. Nonetheless, this interruption in production is believed to be the source of the rumor that Fiesta’s red glaze was removed from the market because it was radioactive. In truth, the red glaze emitted far less radiation than some other consumer products. Following the lifting of wartime restrictions, Homer Laughlin again began producing the red glaze in the 1950s, using a depleted grade of uranium oxide.
Homer Laughlin stopped all use of depleted uranium oxide in 1972 and it is not used in Fiesta Dinnerware which is produced today

Watches/Exit signs with tritium Vials or Radium faces also emit beta particles.

The Sun has cosmic rays. Many cellars/basements in the US have Radon levels that are detectable

Good Luck!


Since so many breeder reactors have leaked radiation into the air all around the world, I keep a Victoreen Civil Defense radiation detection kit in my home to test the roof and gutters for gamma radiation, as well as the air filters in our home AC/H system. If the local government doesn't supply you with radiation information about where you live, then you should get a detector of some kind.

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