Drywall texture brush Stipple Brush-Double

Drywall Horsehair texture brush Stipple Brush-Double


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Both single and double texture brushes are made of horsehair and are trimmed to 3" long. Wood block. Double Wood Stipple Brush, flattened 70% horsehair


Good item. Hard to find


Just as described. Make it easy for anyone to texture. I just dipped it in the mud patted it on the wall until I had amount I liked. Then let it sit for a bit then troweled it to a knock down type texture.


As a first-timer with drywall repair and texturing, this horsehair brush really made the job complete. I'm still learning the "right" amount of water and joint compound to use, to get the best texture for matching the existing ceiling and wall, but overall I am pleased. This tool washed-up nicely, and is on standby for my next ambitious home-repair project. Thank you Drywall tools plus


Its the most reasonable priced one I could find with real horse hair and does the job.I priced this item and cheapest was 165 and not even reak hair




Works just as I imagined. East to apply and nice, even stipple.


This is by far the best stippling brush I have ever used and I have been stippling ceilings for over 25 years. Only wish that I had found this a long time ago but I was being loyal to our local home improvement stores. The only recommendation I would have is to have 2 of these if you are stippling a large area as the joint compound adds a lot of weight to the brush after awhile and will wear your arms out. I highly recommend this product.


Outstanding horsehair brush


nice brush

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