Drywall Horsehair texture brush Stipple Brush-Single

Drywall Horsehair texture brush Stipple Brush-Single


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Both single and double texture brushes are made of horsehair and are trimmed to 3" long. Wood block.


It worked well, and cleaned up easy. The learning curve was pretty small. Letting a friend borrow it to patch her ceiling now. Thanks for a great product!


I could find anything to match the texture of my ceiling. Came across this on Drywall Tools plus and bought it. It was a perfect match! Found some instructions on YouTube on how to apply crows feet and stipple texturing. The video gave instruction on how to thin out the mud. Followed the instructions and it was a perfect match!


Great tool and fast delivery. I would suggest the double brush if you're doing a large area or several rooms. The single brush is handy for repairs and small single rooms.


Good item. Hard to find


Quality product

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