Hobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter Table
Hobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter TableHobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter TableHobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter TableHobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter Table

Hobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter Table (Most Popular)



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The Hot Wire Foam Cutter HCM2S is designed for cutting EPS foam (Styrofoam) by using a Hotwire. Cutting by wire doesn't produce dust or chips ensuring a clean surface.


Very little pressure is needed to cut foam by the HCM2S.



Note: Heated Wire expands when hot. If the spring is too tight the wire may break restricting operation of mechanism. If too loose, the
cut will be sloppy. Readjustment of tension may be necessary from time to time.

Safety Tips

Power Controller – Use nothing longer than a 50 foot 12/3 grounded extension cord. Set the temperature dial on the controller to zero (0). Turn on the hot wire power controller and adjust the dial until the wire glows orange. Immediately back off the controller until the heated wire just begins to turn from orange to gray. This is the optimum foam cutting temperature of the wire. Anything hotter will cause premature wire failure or anything cooler will require too much feed pressure on the wire causing premature failure. If the wire is too hot, the cut may not be as accurate as you would like. A wire that is too hot will melt the foam too quickly at the beginning of the cut and less quickly as the wire cools off resulting in an inaccurate cut.

• Use only the recommended wire. NWMANIX

• Do not use this equipment in wet or damp conditions.
• Use only grounded receptacles. 

  • Built-In Variable Power Supply with 3 Heat Settings
    • 8-Inch Hot Wire Cutting Height
    • 12" x 22" Foam Cutting Table
      • Good for Holiday decorations, model builders, architects, interior designers, school arts, sign designers and prototype makers.
      • Fold angle setting stop to set & consistently repeat and bend


This thing is awesome. If you have to cut styrofoam regularly you should treat yourself to this. So fast, so smooth, so clean that you will be cutting styrofoam for fun to see how intricate you can get!


The cost put me off at first, frankly. I took the leap, and I love it. I make RC Airplanes and this is just the tool for sizing your foam sheets for wings, or making bulkhead to bulkhead sections of a fuselage. The miter fence is weak, tbh, but with a little work, I was able to rip 4'x8' pink foam precisely. In the past, I had issues cutting down large sheets into usable sizes. That alone makes this worth it. At about 50% heat, it goes through pink foam.


This is one of those products that I've been wavering on for the longest time, because it's a very doable DIY project. You can build one easily. But ultimately, I know it just wouldn't look as nice, and I like nice looking things, so I bought it! Instructions aren't the best in the world, but it doesn't take a genius to figure it out either. To save some of you any aggravation, here's a tip. The arm bar is shape like a U. On one end of the U is a pre-drilled screw hole with a screw already inserted. You will see the "spool holder" already attached also, and the screw is preventing it from sliding out. I don't know the proper lingo, so lets just call it spool holder. Anyway, you need to unscrew the screw and let the spool holder slide out. You will then slide this same side, now with the empty screw hole, into the base where it will line up with another screw hole, and it will be secured in place with a screw that has a knob for easy tightening and releasing. The spool holder actually belongs on the side without the screw holes. There is a tightening mechanism on the spool holder that allows it to stay in place.

I suspect Proxxon put the spool holder there for transport reasons only because it does not belong on that end. They don't even mention it in their instructions. They could actually avoid confusion by packaging the spool holder separately. Because initially, what you'll do if you didn't read my review, is leave the spool holder alone because after all, it's installed there by the factory. You'll then insert the side with no screw hole into the base and stand there like an early Neanderthal, scratching your head, looking at the instructions, looking back at the base, scratch your head, look at instructions again, make grunting noises, etc. That's what I did. LOL!

Anyway, in terms of function, it's great. It heats up very fast. Something strange happened though. It stopped heating. I don't know if it's because I used it for too long a period without resting, or if it's because the tension needed to be adjusted. Because after tinkering with the tension of the wire, it heated up again. I don't want to return this if that's just a common quirk with these things. But I'll be definitely using it like crazy for the next 15 days to see whether or not I need to return my unit for a replacement. The fence is a great accessory for steady straight cuts, as well as miters. The spool can be sled back so the wire is at an angle, this is of course, for angle cuts. The whole thing is so versatile. A definite buy in my book!


This is actually not a bad piece of equipment. I had idea of making Styrofoam column because I hate to see styrofoam go to landfills. Especially the high density ones. Slowly, I began to collect Styrofoam when they began to gather near by the trash bin at work. I eventually collected enough material and decided to buy this cutting tool as compare to others available. The reason I decided on this was because of the well marked surface with the X and Y axis. The slider guide and the control dials. Minimum assembling is required and it only took me 10 minutes to get it going. Half an hour after the opening of box, I was into cutting Styrofoam pieces for my grand project. It took some practice to get it right but I quickly realized that for the repetitive cuts, it is better to make a jig. With that concept, I was able to make small and accurate cuts on individual pieces. At the end, the entire art work was glued together. Overall, I think this tool deserves at least 4 stars. It is one star shy because I think the arm could have been bigger and higher. That was the limitation because I could not cut anything higher than 6 inches. Than again, the longer the hot wire is exposed to the foam, the less likely one is to get a straight cut. It is a give and take thing but it would have been cool to have a bigger opening to accommodate bigger pieces. Anyway, I have included 2 images of the Styrofoam column that I made with this tool. Do check them out. Lastly, it is worth it if you are into crafty stuff like me. Enjoy...


I was looking for a foam table that is comparable to the industrial model that was a available at my university. While no where close, this is the best foam cutter table I found online, without having to create my own hot wire cutting setup. I bought this as a tool for cutting 2 inch depth Foamula foam (polystyrene). I was able to make hundreds of cuts out of the thick material, with minimal problems. I'm done with the project, and still have wire left on the spool.

The aluminum table scratches easily, so watch out for that if you use a homemade jig/guide.

Ultimately- this is going to be a great table- and for industrial applications


.I like the ability to control the temperature, and as you will learn if you just keep the temperature on high the wire will cut too fast and give you jagged cuts. Turn the temperature down to 4-5ish and it will cut slow enough to give you nice smooth straight cuts.

Also, for the price point, this item was a bit more than expected, pretty descent quality.


One of the best A+++++++++++++++++++


5 Stars


This is a great item I learned my lesson on the cheap plastic ones they do not last but this one is aluminum very nice good size. We purchased 3 for a class and all arrived timely and packaged well.


These are well made all aluminum not cheap chineese

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