Hobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter Table
Hobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter TableHobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter TableHobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter TableHobby Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutter Table

El pasatiempo Alambre Caliente EPS Espuma Cortador Mesa


Cod.artículo: HCM2S

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  • La Alimentación Variable incorporada con 3 Ajustes de Calor
  • El Alambre Caliente de 8 pulgadas que Corta Altura
  • 12" X 22" Espuma que Corta Mesa
  • El Cortador HCM2S Caliente de la Espuma del Alambre es diseñado para cortar espuma de EPS (espuma de poliestireno) utilizando un Hotwire. Cortar por alambre no produce polvo ni pastillas que aseguran una superficie limpia.


    Muy poco presión es necesitada para cortar espuma por el HCM2S.


    • Bueno para decoraciones de Vacaciones, constructores modelo, los arquitectos, los interioristas, educan las artes, firman fabricantes de diseñadores y prototipo.
    • Doble la parada de la colocación de ángulo para poner &erio; repite coherentemente y dobla


    La nota: El Alambre climatizado expande cuando caliente. Si la primavera es demasiado apretada que el alambre puede romper restringiendo operación de mecanismo. Si también afloja, el
    El corte será desaliñado. El reajuste de la tensión puede ser necesario de vez en cuando.

    La seguridad Inclina

    Enchufe Controlador – no Utilice nada más largo que un 50 pie 12/3 molió alargador. Ponga la esfera de temperatura en el controlador a poner a cero (0). Encienda el controlador caliente del poder de alambre y ajuste la esfera hasta que el alambre resplandezca naranja. Inmediatamente atrás lejos el controlador hasta que el alambre climatizado comience sólo a girar de la naranja a gris. Esto es la espuma óptima que corta temperatura del alambre. Algo más caliente causará fracaso prematuro de alambre o algo refrigerador requerirá demasiado presión de comida en el alambre que causa fracaso prematuro. Si el alambre está demasiado caliente, el corte no puede ser tan exacto como usted querría. Un alambre que está demasiado caliente se fundirá la espuma demasiado rápidamente al principio del corte y menos rápidamente como el alambre se calma teniendo como resultado un corte inexacto.

    &Toro; Utilice sólo el alambre recomendado. NWMANIX

    &Toro; no utilice este equipo en la lluvia ni apague condiciones.
    &Toro; el Uso sólo molió receptáculos.


    So you're an architect right? If so this is a great product for cutting out models. I really enjoy using it and suggest this hotwire. Make the ones we used in school seem primative right? Anyway, buy this thing!


    This product is well made and easy to set up. I cut foam parts for model prototypes and this cutter works similiar to a scroll saw in that you can cut intricate pieces of any thinkness correctly. You can also adjust the temperature for the type of foam you are using. I suggest ordering a spare roll of the nichrome wire as none of my craft or hobby shops carry this product. The cutting arm that holds the nichcrome wire detaches easily enough for storage.


    This is a very nice piece of equipment. Excellent build quality and very simple to assemble. Goes through 2" foam like a hot knife through butter. The protractor is also well designed if not a little lightweight as it is made of plastic and pot metal, but you would have to pay a lot more to get something more substantial. Overall, a great combination of price and quality. I would not hesitate to buy again.


    This foam cutter is absolutely great! If I buy more foam cutters, they will be from this company! Quality is top notch!


    This is such a nice tool - very good design. How convenient to have that! I am sure this can be further improved in many aspects and I wish I have the time and means to do it but so far I am 100% happy with the use of it. Very easy to operate. Much better than a hand held wire cutter.


    My wife needed to cut out 20 Styrofoam music notes for centerpieces for a party. She started with an electric carving knife, went to a regular knife and then to a paring knife. Needless to say, it was a disaster and the house was covered in shavings. I ordered this online and put it into service the day it arrived. Broke the wire a couple of times (don't worry, there is a generous amount of wire on the spool), but once we got the hang of it, we have cut all sorts of things including foam and plastic. Excellent tool for the purpose.


    A pretty well made piece of kit here. They include everyting you need to get cutting foam. Set up only take a few minutes and your ready to go.


    The precision to cut with this machine is incredible. I absolutely love it!!! I cut a lot of tiny flowers and small tiny pieces to add for centerpieces, and it cuts them perfectly. I love this machine!!!!


    it's amazing Cutter
    i useful with this Cutters
    i can do what i need to do
    i recommend to have it


    The problem with hand-held hot wire cutters is that your hand is not steady enough to cut smooth even lines. So you need a hot wire cutter with a table like this one. I use it to cut 1-inch foam for the inside of cases that hold valuables like cameras and firearms. It cuts smooth perpendicular edges, but don't be in a hurry. Patience will turn out excellent results.