Occidental Leather 2535 Builders Vest

Occidental Leather 2535 Builders Vest


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Since 1980 Occidental Leather has been known for manufacturing the highest quality tool bags and accessories in the USA. All of the Occidental Leather products are hand made in Sonoma County, CA with the highest quality standards

Compact vest tool carrying system, loaded with tool holders and pockets



  • Can be worn as an independent vest tool carry system
    • Ideal organization; ergonomic design, even load distribution, total freedom of movement


being a maintenance manager at a large apartment complex this has become invaluable. there are not a lot of pockets but with some add ons it could be perfect. mildly limits mobility but im also not a large person so it bunches up a little. i would recomend this to any maintenance person, not for a contractor unless you want to have all your bags as well. awesome product will be wearing and utilizing for years to come.


Took me awhile to get adjusted but it's just not right .It cuts into my neck,hangs poorly. Accessing pockets is extremely hard, cell phone pocket is for an old flip phone.I've been on the road doing jobs and now am afraid I can't even return it.I'm sure their nail bags are great but this has me out for over $150.00 dollars and am not happy.Sorry,Occidental Leather


I bought this for my cousin who is a plumber and he loves it. It doesn't get 5 stars due to him having to remove the hammer holder because it kept getting stuck on things.He is really happy with it and says the guys at work have "vest envy", 2 have already ordered theirs. Great product!!


So far this vest has really work for me well I believe I'm ready to order a couple of the bags that go along with it


Now that I'm older and not as thin as I used to be, this is a great find. Fits great, lots of adjustment, very well made, lots of pockets and endless combinations of clip on accessories from numerous manufactures. I will never wear a tool belt again after buying this vest.


I am a commercial finish carpenter working on a large construction project. This vest is great. I no longer wear a heavy tool belt that is uncomfortable and needs constant adjusting. My last rig had gel suspenders and a padded belt. It was heavy, and the suspenders always loosened and would fall off my shoulders whenever bending over. Now, the weight is spread across the vest. All my tools are easily accessible. I wish I had ordered this vest years ago. All the tradesmen comment and ask me where I found it. Every carpenter should do themselves a big favor and purchase one. When it comes to tool belts, It's like having a nail gun instead of a hammer.


The Occidental Leather 2535 Builder's Vest is pretty comfortable; way better for those who find the common tool belt painful on the lower back to wear. There are a few problems but I don't mind them, too much. Just like anything else, adjustment to routines are required. The accessory pouch that clips on (for the tape measure or whatever) is wide open, leaving your tape to get pushed out when you crouch. The hammer holder located on the back is positioned so that when in a crouched position the hammer has a tendency to flip around. Anything not secured or tightly fits in the vest can fall out when bent over (this is dangerous to workers when working on rafters or in high places). Again, be selective about placement of tools to eliminate this danger and inconvenience. If adjusted improperly, the back of the vest will dig into the back of your neck after wearing for long periods. And lastly, you will sweat in this vest in warm weather. Other than that, I would pick the vest over a tool belt any day. I recommend getting the click-on accessory pouches for nails, so they can be removed when not in use.


Since I purchased this item, I've found it didn't have enough bags, 1 small nail bag, I've also found that other models have more and larger bags, at or below the price I payed, but can't find out how to order or buy them. They seem to come as a package without options.

The vest does what it's designed to do, just wish I'd have seen the other options that now are available. I need 2 larger bags to hold tools that don't fit in the built in pockets, 5 in 1, screwdriver, side cutters, pliers, etc. There are plenty of loops available, but no bags.

The 2575 is what I really needed and it's $27.00 cheaper then my 2535 was!

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